Our Story

Don’t ride as much as you’d like, let alone enough to justify a bike in the garage gathering dust?

Love that bike, but not enough to pay what they’re asking for it?

We know what that’s like.

Now you can Rent This Bike.

Rent This Bike (RTB) was established in 2015 to serve people just like us – passionate riders who have found themselves with an empty garage. 

Family commitments, financial constraints or just time-poor, we all have found ourselves bike-less. And that just isn’t right.

RTB gives our customers the opportunity to hop on some of the newest & hottest bikes on the market – all without the burden of bike ownership.

No more repayments. 

No more maintenance. 

No more depreciation.

Just get on and ride.


Browse our current fleet, or drop us a line if there’s something you’d like to know, or to give us your feedback and suggestions.